Stephanie Ojo




App How To's

In graduate school I took an intro Animation course as well as a Sound Design class. Together these classes armed me with the basics necessary to help elevate my skills as a UI/UX Designer to the next level. Feeling comfortable in a complex system like After Effects for animation made learning InVision and Flinto a way easier undertaking. Having some basic animation skills makes it even easier to communicate product ideas with interactive prototypes and simple how-to walk throughs.


Logo Builds

I also enjoy using After Effects to add motion to logos that can then be integrated into other video sources to wrap branded content.


Animated Type

I love words! Is that weird? Sometimes you can't find the right image to tell your story – that's where animated type comes into play. This was a quick project overview that I created to be displayed as a part of my Thesis presentation. The video played on an iPad at my station, allowing guests to learn more about the project, without disrupting the gallery with sound.

Sound Design + Illustration (just for laughs)

This was a school project (Sound Design) but still makes me laugh to this day. I wrote the story and illustrated all of the frames, recorded VO's, and animated the final piece.  If you need a good laugh, press play and check out Pablo the rapping pigeon. Enjoy!