Stephanie Ojo


UI/UX designer, maker, and creative problem solver living in the Bay Area.


Stephanie Ojo

tl;dr – Committed to doing work that fosters social good and excited by projects that have a positive impact, build-community, and empower people to help themselves and others.

I am more than just a well trained designer. I also have a business degree in Marketing which allows me to see the big picture beyond just the pixels on screen and a Masters in Design & Technology so I am not afraid to jump into Xcode and help debug if necessary. As a product designer, I have worked hands on with engineers in an agile development environment to deliver products for web, and both native app platforms. I live for a fast paced and iterative environment and perform best when working across the product development spectrum.

A few years ago, I founded my own tech-startup named Speshio – a mobile app for group support. Throughout this process I learned so much about the start-up world and about myself. I built a team that consisted of 2 in house engineers, 3 contract engineers, 4 engineering advisors and an on call creative team to help collaborate and work up product design magic. Managing these engineers, creatives, administrative tasks, and leading the product vision was such a fun adventure. It encouraged me to learn how to motivate others to achieve their best work, keep all teammates focused on a single mission, and also taught me one of my (now) favorite mottos:

You don't know what you don't know, until you don't know it.

Then you learn it.

My startup experience with Speshio further solidified my passion for product design and working with others to develop products that make a positive impact on society. I am enthusiastic about new opportunities to be surrounded by creative and intelligent minds that I can learn from and continue to grow as a Designer. I am currently a UX Designer at Amazon, working on Echo Frames.