Stephanie Ojo




Identity projects are always a blast because I get to help a client bring their vision to life. There is so much excitement, passion, and forward thinking that goes into the process. Here is a select collection of logos/identities I have developed over the years. If you are interested in learning more about my process for branding projects or seeing others; I am happy to share more upon request.



Coligo was gearing up to raise funds and kickstart the development of their website and mobile app. They wanted some help brainstorming potential interfaces for their platform and they needed a brand that represented the origin of their name – to connect. Coligo (still in development) matches non-profits with donors based on shared vision, location, and needs making the world better one match at a time.


The Gumbo brand was developed in conjunction with the collaborative recipes app I designed as a personal project. Making a good pot of gumbo is often a laborious task. But in the end, it brings people and flavors together. Not to mention when you are taking your first stab at cooking gumbo, it takes some help from the experts. The app emphasized collaboration, variation, learning, and a supportive community.


The AdMagic founder is a guru when it comes to pay-per-click advertising and was prepping to test the waters as a startup founder. He recognized a pain point in the industry and started on the ground work for a product that would change how people managed their ad campaigns across a variety of channels. We put our heads together and developed a brand that spoke to the simplicity and magic of the system he set out to build. I also included a simple set of icons and guidelines to make his life easier once he started the engineering process.


As I am sure you can imagine, the Speshio project is near and dear to my heart. Originally named and branded as "On3" we went through the rebranding process before our beta release. This logo exudes unity, collaboration, personality, and the idea of coming together around something special. Not only was I responsible for the visual development, I also worked to translate the brand across different mediums and even trademarked the name.

MFA D+T Thesis 2013

As a part of the Thesis Show Design Committee for my graduate program, I worked on a team to develop the branding and identity elements for our Thesis Show and Symposium. We developed a style guide and brand elements that were translated across web, print, and even laser cut wood and string for an installation piece at the entry to the show.